Free Nespresso compatible samples

Free Nespresso compatible samples

Found 6th Apr 2013
Looks like these guys are offering free samples of their products online. I have bought them on offer in Sainsbury's and they are OK. Not something i would purchase but a good freebie to try out the coffee!!
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Thanks worth a try for free :), though if you're paying doesn't look too much difference price wise...
amazon reviews dont look good for these, buy a coffeeduck and fill it with your own blend
Prices for Cafepods are only marginally cheaper than Nespresso (29 vs 31p?). Only bonus I guess is that you can actually get these at your local supermarket... as opposed to nespresso pods, either online at their few stores.
I find they don't fit in perfectly and the machine loses a little amount of water? Voted hot
Thank you
All gone.
Expired as they have gone
They arrived today and tried them this evening - they just fall through the pod section into the bin collection bit oO

Do not fit at all, totally useless. Such a shame, the coffee itself smells nice & I like the idea.
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