**FREE** NEW 2012 Vonage Mobile App For Iphone & Android! Talk and Text for FREE, Worldwide!

**FREE** NEW 2012 Vonage Mobile App For Iphone & Android! Talk and Text for FREE, Worldwide!

Found 13th Sep 2012
Ok this is a GREAT app since it's been updated.
Say someone you know goes on holiday or you have friends or family abroad, they can call & text you using the hotels wifi for free to your phone in the UK.
It also works over 3G so if you were outside and you had a unlimited data plan you could take the call for free even when your not in the house!
Once you launch the app it shows you your full contact list and who also has the app, or you can invite people to install the app.

Unlike Skype you don't need different usernames or numbers, it uses your current contacts.

You can also buy in app credits in $5, $10 etc for people who don't have the app, then you can call their landline OR mobile for MASSIVE reduced rates compared to calling from a hotel or using your network while roaming abroad.

Examples are 2.2 cents per min to a landline and 12 cents per min to a mobile!!

Plus FREE calling to any Vonage home phone customer.

Call quality's VERY good, def worth a try!

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How does it compare to Viber?
You can place calls from your home country on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G or over Wi-Fi when traveling internationally. And, you can easily add calling credit at anytime in the app directly from Google Play or Apple Store.

How does it compare to Viber?

This is just for those people who don't mind paying for calls/texts or too lazy to search for methods to call free.

If you pay a monthly subscription, then the words FREE CALLS/TEXTS are obsolete!

Now coming back to your query, compared to Viber - this is not much of a robust option! Firstly you pay to get Vonage credits whereas Viber/What's app are totally free for Android (What's app may need to purchased on iOS). Secondly you cant send photos, custom smilies, voice recordings, videos, etc etc. on Vonage as much as you could do with Viber and Whatsapp.

So I am voting this cold. I never was a fan of these packages! There are many ways to call for less/free abroad.

For example there is an app Magic Jack which allows you to make calls to USA and Canada for free.

These softwares are rip off. In HUKD we find means to spend less and not new ways to spend!

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