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Free New Released Jazz Rock Fusion CD - Dusan Jevtovic - No Answer Live @ Dusan Jevtovic Bandcamp
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Free New Released Jazz Rock Fusion CD - Dusan Jevtovic - No Answer Live @ Dusan Jevtovic Bandcamp

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Posted 8th Apr

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Hello Everyone,

As our contribution and support to all of you in this very complicated times, we offer you this LIVE album for the FREE DOWNLOAD. Only together we can get through this one.
Stay safe and stay well!!!

To get free click buy digital album and place zero in the price field of donate what you like to support the artist.Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

1.Frusci 11:14

2.Al AIre - Soko Bira 06:33

3.No Answer 07:57

4.Yo Sin Mi 10:09

5.El Oro 09:35

6.The Place With a View 10:01

Recorded Live at Theater Joakim Vujic, Kragujevac, Serbia, November 2018.Organized by SKC Kragujevac.
Dusan Jevtovic is Serbian guitarist based in Barcelona, Spain since 2003, and has released two solo albums: On The Edge" (2009, L'Indi, Spain) and Am I Walking Wrong? (MoonJune, 2013), and has recorded and toured with a vast arrays of International artists such as Xavi Reija, Tony Levin, Gary Husband, Asaf Sirkis, Vasil Hadzimanov, David Cross, Marko Djordjevic, Xavi Reija, Bernat Hernandez, Markus Reuter, Rim Banna.

Vasil Hadzimanov is Serbian pianist/keyboardist based in Belgrade, and son of two iconic pop singers from 60's and 70's, who are still active: Macedonian legend Zafir Hadzimanov, and Senka Velentalic. Alumni of Berklee College of Music, Vasil has recorded and performed with Theodossi Spassov, Marko Djordjevic Dusan Jevtovic, Toni Kitanovski, David Binney, Antonio Sanchez, Matt Garrison, Vlatko Stefanovski, Nigel Kennedy, Vlatko Stefanovski, David Gilmore (jazz guitarist).

Asaf Sirkis is one of the busiest European drummers, performing over 200 shows per year. Based in London, born in Israel, he recorded and performed with Tim Garland... more
released April 5, 2020

Dusan Jevtovic guitar
Vasil Hadzimanov keys
Asaf Sirkis drums
Recorded By Milos Markovic
Mixed and mastered by Joan Berenguier
Cover by Aleksandar Popovic
Produced by Dusan Jevtovic

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Please follow the download instructions above, as also Free by the same artist:--
LIVE (Free) by Dusan Jevtovic

Dusan Jevtovic is a guitar hero for those with little patience for the cliché histrionics that have come to define the field. While most ultra practitioners continually punctuate bold statements with speed and excess, Dusan tickles the ears with an overabundance of surprises and restraint. From a review for the Modmove by Rob Hudson Australia
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Thanks Boz..
sarkychris08/04/2020 18:38

If you click through to t:he releases there's another albums for free …If you click through to t:he releases there's another albums for free too:https://dusanjevtovic.bandcamp.com/album/live-free

Yes Thanks I grabbed that a while back. I thought I'd already posted it but clearly haven't Thank You for bringing that to everyones attention. He really is a great guitarist.
Will be checking this out later when on the lap top.
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