Free Next day Delivery Ebuyer.com min £49.99 Spend
Free Next day Delivery Ebuyer.com min £49.99 Spend

Free Next day Delivery Ebuyer.com min £49.99 Spend

Free UK next day delivery! After scowering the web for free codes i gave up. Added Items to basket and next day delivery was £10.99 so chose the free delivery option which is 5 days! Order was proccessed clicked onto change shipping (in your account section) and free next day delivery option was available result! so instead of 5 day wait, now only till tommorrow! It may not be a minimum spend but will put just incase it does not work!



Hmmm, be interesting to see what your statement says.... Unless you paid paypal??

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no paid online

Dear Robert Lound,

This email is to acknowledge placement of order number 15801890.

This email is NOT confirmation of acceptance of your order; official confirmation of acceptance of your order will follow.

You have ordered the following item(s)

Item: Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers - 70W RMS
Qty: 1Cost: 53.77

Item: Rubber Coating Case for iPod Touch 2G & 3G ,Purple
Qty: 1Cost: 2.49


Shipping method: FREEat:£0.00
Delivery: Order will be delivered no later than Tue 15th February 2011

Subtotal: 56.26
VAT total: 11.26
Total: 67.52

If there are any problems in the order process a member of our Customer Support Team will be in contact.

Dear Robert Lound,

As requested, your order details have been changed.
Deliver by: Wed 9th Feb 2011 (FREE Next Working Day)

edit: wow didnt know that lol, bet they'll change it asap as they'll be scouring the forums

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doh ! dumb comment removed as I read OPs post properly this time !
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i really want someone else to try it lol


... depends what you bought though...
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Sorry Robert but I have rated this cold as I find they eBuyer don't provide a good service, it just seems like they dont like to keep there customers happy.

Just placed an order and wanted to give this a try, but the option for 'Change Shipping' isn't clickable. Current status is 'Payment Taken' will keep checking periodically if I can bump it up free of charge!

Will keep you guys posted. Anyone else had any success with this?

Ordered some stuff on Sunday at £56 but only got the 3-5 day shipping for free.

I fail to see how this is a deal of any sort at all?

Ebuyer have it as part of their shipping agreement. I have been getting free delivery on orders over £50 for years, just as I have been ordering up to 10pm for next day delivery.

Ebuyer do however, have the ocassional item, where you get free next day delivery, which is always handy.

As for customer service, I have never had a problem and a reason WHY I use ebuyer over other shops like dabs. Ebuyer always handle RMA's lightening fast for me.
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