free nice n easy hair colourant
free nice n easy hair colourant

free nice n easy hair colourant

Thank you for agreeing to try out a nice n easy hair colourant. nice n easy gives you fantastic, natural-looking colour with multi-tones and 100 per cent grey coverage* giving you the confidence to look and feel amazing.

All you have to do is choose the shade you wish to try, and we will send you a pack, along with a questionnaire. You will need to fill it in, telling us what you thought about your nicen easy experience and send it back to us, to be in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher. Closing date for entry is 7th March with a deadline of 30th April 2008 for completed questionnaires.

Red and nice'n easy are also looking for women who have been a shade braver and done something remarkable with their lives. Find out more on your questionnaire and if you think you fit the bill, you could be going to New York to star in a photoshoot for Red!

*except shades 87, SB1, SB2, 88, 89.
Please expect your nice'n easy product to be delivered to you by the end of March 2008. Remember to take an allergy test 48 hours before application. The winners of the 100 John Lewis vouchers will be chosen at random after questionnaires have been returned. The winners of the trip to New York will be selected by an adjudication panel.


Grand One Thanx!!


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Excellent - Ta very much!

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Really hot find, my Mum will love it.

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Great find. Thanks. Voted hot!

great stuff, no smelly post cards or 5ml samples here eh?

many thanks once again to the brilliant pinkmelonsmr2
great freebie!!

cheers, ordered, away to read up on my hairdressing lessons

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Does this work on dogs?

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Does this work on dogs?

Dogs??? Are you mad!!! LOL :-D
Please do NOT use it on your dog :roll:

What about Penguins then? :whistling:

Thanks - look forward to having a change in hair colour!

Filled in. Hot!

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What about Penguins then? :whistling:

pmsl :thumbsup:

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="SeaGreen"][SIZE="4"]Just to let you ppl know i tried it again and it excepted it so you may be able to get another one. Why not try i yourselves [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] :whistling::whistling::whistling:

Fantastic find, thanks.

great find, thanks

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By the way folks this currently has a Money Back Guarantee in the shops. So here's another chance to get a freebie (after refund).

Go for one, go for both :). The MBG means you wait for a refund - the other way you wait for the dye.

All the info is here : clairol.co.uk/mon…jsp

Looked for promo packs today myself and found none.

Closing date is 20/05/2008. Only one application per household. Please allow 28 days for refund.

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[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="4"]Another gr8 find from pinkmelonsmr2, heat and rep added, :thumbsup:[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Sent for one. thank you. heat added:thumbsup:

Time for some boring advice..but please make sure if you have never used it before you do a strand test as all the packs recommend you do, it's a lot less pain than finding out you are going to have a bad reaction to one of the ingredients

Thanks, hope this arrives, rep and heat added :thumbsup:

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