Free Nicoccino samples (help stop smoking)
Free Nicoccino samples (help stop smoking)

Free Nicoccino samples (help stop smoking)

If your trying to give up smoking or vaping and are searching for alternatives then order FREE Nicoccino samples.

Nicoccino are pure nicotine films that dissolve under your lip and helps you avoid the effects of smoking. Nicocinno contains only natural products so is a popular alternative to smoking or vaping.

I have already had a trial pack and decided to post afterwards


A pure nicotine film that dissolves under your lip & delivers instantly
Gives you the satisfaction of a cigarette quickly and effectively
You can use it whenever & wherever

How To Claim Free Nicoccino Samples

Start by entering you name and email address in to the sample request box on the lower right hand side.
You will then be given a code that will reduce the cost of £4.99 down to zero.
Follow the check out process by entering your details.
When you reach the payment options you need to select PAYPAL and you will be able to complete your order with out entering any card details. You Will not need to even enter your PayPal details it will register as a free transaction.
Your Samples will be dispatched within a few days.

Not a scam, I have actually got a pack, can take a pic if you want proof


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Nicoccino™ uses only natural ingredients. A base of alginate – a brown seaweed harvested in the seawaters of Norway, pure medical nicotine and some natural oils to flavour it subtly.

It offers a completely new solution for adult smokers: it’s discreet and can be used freely anywhere, without affecting anyone around you.

A Nicoccino™ film contains 1 mg of pure nicotine, similar to one regular strength cigarette.

The first time you use Nicoccino™ you’ll probably be surprised by the sensation of pure nicotine. You may feel a slight burning sensation at first, a warm tingling feeling.

Within seconds you will then start to feel the powerful effect of nicotine.


Yeah, where's the proof? X)

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Yeah, where's the proof? X)

Here you go bud

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Looks like it's went up in a puff of smoke. I've remembered I got these before in another freebie, so tried again but it remembered my email. So I've done the gmail trick and I've got more coming. I may even get some more. Cheers.

i feel like an idiot lol i spotted this a month ago and got free sample and everything forgot all about it though but yeah i got the strips out in the post before xmas

I ordered 6. Thanks.

Ah looks good

I ordered these for a friend last time, they arrived within the week of ordering. She said they were Ok.

Cheers djctu I'll give these to my buddy.

Ordered, tried these before having been given some at a casino. They're ok for free.

Didn't ask me for any payment options or did I get a code. It just confirmed straight away.

ordered thanks!

Thanks heat added

Thanks djctu. I also just filled the form in & entered without a cod. Went through ok
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