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Posted 1 December 2022

Free Nintendo Switch games starting with Exorder / Graviter / Creepy Tales - Christmas advent 2022 (US Region accounts) via no Gravity Games

Shared by Darkwaxer
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Following on from last year it looks like No Gravity Games are doing their Christmas games giveaway again. Starting 5th December you can claim a game a day for 12 days. To claim the next game you have to have claimed (or purchased) the previous day/s’ game/s

‘It’s like an advent calendar, except instead of chocolates you’ll be getting a FREE new gaming experience with each title. On Selected day one title will be revealed and will have 100% off Owner Discount. If you have all the previous games from the lineup you'll be able to grab it for free! Just click on the corresponding image of the game as it goes up for grabs and you'll be able to redeem it there.’

It’s valid for Nintendo Switch accounts registered to the Americas region. Having a balance or using a ‘child’ account can prevent region switching.

To switch region: nintendo.co.uk/Sup…tml or TLDR: Sign In to Nintendo site - Click Profile symbol (top right) - User Information - Profile - Change Region - Accept.
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    Hopefully they'll be one I don't have at some point!
  2. Avatar
    Thanks for all your work on this
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    IIRC That one got a bit of play time except it was possibly too easy because my only memory is reaching a fairly high level on my first go and finding it a bit too repetitive and boring. Which is weird given Tetris doesn't bore me (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Excellent! It's a new one and now claimed!
  5. Avatar
    Good little game this. Old skool classic. Takes me back to my misspent youth.
  6. Avatar
    I've got "already downloaded"... I bet I got that in a previous giveaway which means it's probably associated with my UK account... ouch if so. (edited)
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    Opening a new US account is generally preferable than changing region, that way there's no restrictions if you have a balance or child account linked. The games can still be played by any user on the console. Either way will work fine so long as you remember to claim each free game daily.
    Here's a list of all the publishers games, so the remaining games will be a selection from here:

    Primal Light, Alder's Blood: Definitive Edition, Okinawa Rush, Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Tanuki Justice, Golden Force, Will You Snail?, Master Spy, Nova-111, Creepy Tale 2, Destropolis, Strike Force Kitty, Flippin Kaktus, Nonograms Prophecy, Star Horizon, Body of Evidence, Dream Alone, Picklock, Pirates: All Aboard!, /Connection Haunted, Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja, One True Hero, Inner Voices, Apparition, Bob Help Them, Connection reHaunted, Powertris, Splashy Cube, Make War, Pandemic Shooter, Pool Pro GOLD, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Rawr-Off, Supersonic Tank Cats, Classic Logical Bundle (4in1), Drag Racing Rivals, Kickerinho World, KIDS: FARM COLORING (edited)
    Graviter and Creepy Tale are the next two.

    I know Creepy Tale has been given away before
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    Looks like a decent platform game. Bit of a wonder boy in Monsterland vibe.
  9. Avatar
    Got it thanks!
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    I tried some of the games they gave away previously and they were complete and total garbage
    LOL! Same experience... if these were Android / iPhone games, they are the type you'd never download.
    Can't most for tree, but after last year's experience, I just can't motivate myself to change my Switch account region!
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    What happened last year was the publisher sent out a code for a free game (last year was Pirates all Aboard). You entered the code on the US eShop (either on the Switch or on the website) and that entitled you to the next free game.

    I don't think the 1st game will state free on the eShop, games can't be reduced to free, so the code from the publisher is essential to getting all the games for free. To get the first game free you need to subscribe to the newsletter from the publisher who will email the code to you. After that, on subsequent days, the next game will be free if you 'own' one of the publishers games when you log on the US eShop.
    Edit. Pirates All Aboard will be given away again this year via a code sent to your email address following subscribing to the newsletter.

    The one issue that can arise is if you already own one of the games in the chain on a UK account, you wouldn't be able to claim it again as the system won't allow you to buy the same game twice (edited)
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    The Free game Pirates All Aboard is available to claim as a free code (you need this to claim the rest of the games, otherwise you'll need to buy one to continue) Subscribe to the newsletter here, verify your email, and the code should arrive pretty quickly

    Redeem the code here (US account)

    Or on the eShop on the console once signed into US account

    48919538-PTx9Y.jpg (edited)
    Thanks… got the two games so far 😃
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    Direct download not showing for me.
    I had to clear all history and cookies first then use the link above. Direct download icon was then available but I had to login with my username and password and make sure I was using my account with the United States address. It then also asked to do an email verification code.
    Direct downloads icon only seems to become available for me once I clear my cookies. I think the cookies store information about you if you have been using the UK eshop with a UK account and the US shop knows this and won’t let you download it.
    Anyway, got there in the end and this game actually looks buzzzin.
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    So if I got this right you have to log in every day from the 5th and continue claiming for free otherwise you have to pay for the missed deal? Nice deal heat added.
    It's also worth not missing any games because, too be honest, most of them will be crap and you won't want to pay for them even if it does mean you'll get a later good one.

    The last two years @pirate1 (anger occasionally myself if they've missed it) had been really good about adding comments when each game is added, so it's definite with subscribing to this deal for notifications. Hopefully the OP will do the same.
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    Nice 1 mate. I was unable to download from the normal eshop but your link worked a treat. Cheers.
  16. Avatar
    The download button was not working on the browsers for me today.
    FYI, just noticed the following message now. I was too focused on the button

    Let's see later as I don't have the console with me for trying there:
    The My Nintendo Store is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back soon, and thank you for your understanding.
    Same here! I tried on PC and phone browsers but no joy. I only managed to claim today's game using the console. (edited)
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    48934036-qHxJB.jpgOh, it looks like I need an actual switch to redeem the code? (edited)
    Yep. The code for Pirates All Aboard can be saved and used when you get a console but the other games won't be free unfortunately
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    Are there any games here worth playing? I really can’t be arsed with setting up a U.S. account.
    Tanuki Justice and Okinawa Rush are worth the hassle I reckon, if they're included. Setting up a US account should only take 5 minutes, and less than that to then remove it if you don't want any of the games. It's definitely worth having the account set up though, some games can be got for a fraction of the EU prices
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    Set up a US account, subscribed to the newsletter; but just can’t get this deal working - it rejects the 16-digit code, even with a VPN… any ideas what might be going wrong?

    (Um… we don’t have a Switch yet, so can’t go via the console itself…)
    It won't work without a console unfortunately, you need to register an account on the console before you can buy anything
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    Last chance to get the games Free without paying for any, the US eShop updates at 8am. I've got one more Pirates All Aboard code if anyone needs it. First to reply gets one.

    Edit. All gone (edited)
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    Nice 1 again. Weirdly it asked for a zip code today though. Strange.
    I just used : Florida 32836 U.S.A. ( Disney World ).
    No problem.
    The ZIP code is used to determine the sales tax applicable to any purchases that you make. Of course, if the purchase price is nil, so too will be the tax.
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    We've bought a switch for Christmas,would it be possible to open an account and claim this now or does everything need to be done through the switch?
    You could still join, but you'd need to buy one game to entitle you to the rest of the free ones. You'd also need to open the console (it's not sealed) to register an account on it before buying any eShop games (might be worth doing that anyway to do the updates etc)
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    If I archive some of these will Gravity Games see me as not having some of the games?
    No it's fine, you can delete them but will remain as 'purchased' and available to re-download
  24. Avatar
    Loving this thread
  25. Avatar
    Holy moly, almost forgot todays!!
    I almost forgot more 😃 Thanks OP!
  26. Avatar
    Thanks @pirate1 from the list managed to get 3 free games, can't complain, just realised forgot to add heat

    Sorry mate, heat added.
    All good mate. It's actually Darkwaxers thread so credit to him for posting
  27. Avatar
    I was just wondering if they were doing this again. Hopefully at least a gem or two to make it worthwhile.

    I've got a dedicated US freebies account on my switch.
    How do I do this?
  28. Avatar
    Amazing thanks mate, free games this should be much hotter!
  29. Avatar
    Worked like charm. Cheers postee
  30. Avatar
    Missed first one in the chain but managed to get some cheap dollaroos for the eshop. 12 games for around 7 quid still isn't that bad!
    Nice one. How much credit have you got left ? There is some good Lego deals on the US eShop now
  31. Avatar
    Fwiw the website appears to be working again now (and I'd already got it)
  32. Avatar
    I just switched regions for the length of the deal last year however they charge yo 50p for the switch so a dedicated US account is best.
    I switched last year and there was no cost, have they recently added a cost to it?
  33. Avatar
    The games on the first three days are just the same games redeemed last year. No surprise it will be just the same rollout.
  34. Avatar
    Ooh hope some are worth it
  35. Avatar
    Have subscribed to this deal. Hopefully some one will remind us. will put some message here as well.
  36. Avatar
    So it’s only free if you managed to do this on the 5th?
    In 3 days time, yeah. You claim the first game and then each day the subsequent 11 games
  37. Avatar
    Day 1
  38. Avatar
    I get asked for a postcode if I go through switch and get an error code if I click on the link. Advice please, thanks

    Edit: it was automatically trying to sign me into UK. I got further but then still asks me for zip code?? 😞 (edited)
    Are you signed in to the US eShop?
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