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Free 'no cold callers' sign moneysavingexpert.com
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Free 'no cold callers' sign moneysavingexpert.com

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244° Expired
Free 'no cold callers' sign moneysavingexpert.com
Posted 4th Nov 2013

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Printer Neeeded

To help, we've designed a free-to-print, Trading Standards-approved "no cold callers" sign. While the print-out is colour, it's designed for easy printing in black and white too.
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Voting cold. Need a printer lol
Prefer this one, simple for the fact that it's not advertising MoneySavingExpert


sorry did i do something wrong dave ?

sorry did i do something wrong dave ?

MSE - I'd have thought more of them had they not used the opportunity to add their URL to the signs (but that's just a personal opinion)
Had one of these on my door for ages and no sod takes notice of yet it is bang in front of them. It states that catalogues will not be returned either and yet I get Avon and Betterware brochures every week from different agents. Thankfully at present the recycle bin is free to use
When someone comes to try and sell me burglar alarms or double glazing I just point at the sign and close the door. I don't even utter a word most times..
More alarming is the sheer number of people who still knock - or is it that so many are illiterate? Or ignorant? Or both?
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I just ignore any unwanted visits even if it's obvious I'm at home.

You could probably use catalogues/brochures to indicate empty homes. There are times when there's nobody home, so I always don't return them. I'm lucky that they're not very persistent.

Part of me feels sorry for them though

Not that great - would've been good if it was a sticker.
Why no option to make your sign more personal?

Along the lines of:

Go disembowel yourself you herpes carrying maggot



Why no option to make your sign more personal?Along the lines of:Go … Why no option to make your sign more personal?Along the lines of:Go disembowel yourself you herpes carrying maggotDiscuss

i got the old one and everyone ignores it tho charity do say i am not a trader, so will gladly put up another one saying no charity or religious group either.

As apparently putting sign up saying cold callers go *** ******* is illegal but suppose next step is putting demon sigils outside in attempt to put off people approaching house
could put a red x on your door
I have a few signs up, including one that pretty much says

No Cold Callers
No Charity Callers
No Religious Callers
Catalogs will be recycled
No Leaflits
No Free Newspapers

Of all of those I get the odd Taxi card or pizza leaflit, but never get anyone knocking on my door any more.
They dont work halve the time as they just say oh didnt see it or charities come and jovos..
thanks i still have a old sign that works wonders.

I hear them pestering my neighbours but they never come near my door, if it only worked for Pizza/Leaflets people... but half of them cant even understand English :P
I'm on the alert like a little yappy dog as soon as I hear the letter box grrrr
an rip it to pieces -even the postman delivers junk mail i'll ave im one day grrrrr
They always say 'I'm not trying to sell you anything' and as soon as they say that, it get's replied with 'Yes you are and whatever it is, I can get it cheaper off the internet!'

Don't forget political canvassers too.
I just hide underneath my bed until they are gone
Most people who knock on doors to sell products or services do it just to survive, so try and be less judgmental about them.In many cases, if they don't sell, they don't eat. Also, it is strange that in this country salespeople are reviled, whereas in the United states it is considered an honorable profession. I guess we are still ridden with class snobbery.
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