Free no smoking signage (up to 30)
Free no smoking signage (up to 30)

Free no smoking signage (up to 30)

Your guide to the new smokefree law (for businesses)
How will the new smokefree law affect you (for individuals)

A5 self-adhesive sign for smokefree premises
A5 window sticker for smokefree premises
Symbol-only self-adhesive no-smoking sign
Symbol-only no-smoking window sticker

Supporting materials
A3 Smokefree England poster



30 you say?


30 you say?

:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

Please only order these if you really need them people, at the end of the day this is the NHS so it's coming out of our pockets to produce and post these signs.

i ordered quite alot but i plan to give them out and distribute them. I know alot of people who own buisnesses, will give them some.

Great thanks. Great for our family centre!

have ordered some for us and for hubbys work..

Nice freebie, welcome to HUKD ian13

Just got mine through the post! Wicked!

Ye Ha!! Ordered some for Us Scot's

Thanks for this.Unfortunately living in Wales (which thankfully has already gone smoke free) we have to display all of these signs in Welsh as well as English.Just thought I'd point it out as our business recieved a warning (and a threat of a possible £2000 fine) from a complete jobsworth for displaying the warning sign in English only.Bit stupid really as our business is a petrol station which already had loads of no smoking signs clearly displayed all around it !.:x

Many thanks for this.

I am the bar manager for a sports pavilion, and this has saved me a load.
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