Free Nokia 6300 12 months free 12 month contract (redemption) +£37.50 Quidco @ Onestopphoneshop
Free Nokia 6300 12 months free 12 month contract (redemption) +£37.50 Quidco @ Onestopphoneshop

Free Nokia 6300 12 months free 12 month contract (redemption) +£37.50 Quidco @ Onestopphoneshop

Award winning Nokia available 12 months free 12 month contract. Other phones also available.
Cashback by redemption.


Good deal! They also have the black version on the website for free with 12 months free line rental

stay away from oneshopphoneshop. Those guys are cowboys, really bad customer service refused to pay me my cahsback and gave no reason so I am in the process of going through small claims court. I've used carphone warehouse and e2save over the last couple of years and never had a problem but osps are quite possibly the worst company I've ever dealt with.

one stop phone shop are part of the cpw therefore should be no problems as they are run same as e2 save.
I have been with them 2 years no problems at all. you must have sent ur bill in late

OSPS were always getting a bad name before they became CPW - I would still avoid them TBH - once bitten & all that!

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I've certainly had no problems using them over the last couple of years.

These cash-back deals are all the same these days in that almost all the companies make it as difficult as possible for you to claim the cash-back. If too many people successfully claim their cash-back, the company makes a loss and some small outfits have even gone bust and people have lost their cash-back.

In my long experience there are three rules for dealing sucessfully with cash-back offers and you'll be ok:

1) Make sure that the company you're dealing with has a reputation of being financially secure and doesn't base its entire business model on cash-back; or is part of a larger company. If it goes bust then you'll probably lose your cash-back.

2) You must be the kind of person that's well organised (not the average person!). If you 're not then you'll inevitably forget to claim at the right time and in the right way. You must be capable of following the cash-back T&C's to the letter. You must also be prepared to be able to prove in a Small Claims Court that you have kept your side of the bargain. So keeping screen prints of the original offer and communicating only using Recorded Delivery is a ABSOLUTE must.

3) You must have bulldog-determination when it comes to following up. If you don't then you will fail because of the myriad of excuses these companies use not to pay you (application lost in the post etc. etc.). Just follow the T&C's to the letter and calmly threaten the company with the Small Claims Court if it fails to follow its side of the bargain. Carry that threat through if necessary.

I have had a number of cash-back claims during the last few years. One only paid after I served them with a Small Claims summons (including paying me the £30 court fee). I'm currently in a row with Phones4U who have, so far, lost my application, paid me the wrong amount and almost always fail to return my calls. It doesn't matter. I know I have the documented proof I need in a Smalls Claim Court each time I come to a payment deadline.
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