FREE Nokia E61 Smartphone + £20 line rental + £60 QuidCo cashback + FREE TomTom SatNav.

FREE Nokia E61 Smartphone + £20 line rental + £60 QuidCo cashback + FREE TomTom SatNav.

Found 12th May 2007
Okay... here's the deal. Three mobile have the Nokia E61 smartphone, a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, for FREE on their "Student Promotion for everyone", an offer which makes their student tariff available to anyone. The tariff costs £20 per month with a minimum contract of 18 months - a total of £360 for the entire contract. You get 1000 text messages and 100 any time, any network minutes for free each month. Your 100 minutes can also be used for 3 Mobile video-to-video calling. If you purchase via you get £60 cashback... that brings the term cost down to £300: that's just over £16.65 per month if you cancel after the 18 months is up.

It's not just the fact that this is a deal WITHOUT cashback claims though... This is an amazing deal, especially if you don't have a SatNav system. You get FREE TomTom satellite navigation system which runs on your phone!! Yhis includes: Tom Tom Navigator 6 software on Mini SD card, Nokia GPS reciever and in-car charger, In car holder for the E61 and Tom Tom are offering 3 months free subscription to traffic alerts.

The Nokia E61 is designed in the familiar style of today's most popular mobile email devices. Yet it is incredibly slim and packed with powerful new functionality. A cinch to use with either hand, the device has a four-way joystick and full keyboard combined with a wide 16 million colour screen, making mobile email easier than ever before. Supporting multiple mobile email clients such as BlackBerry Connect, the Nokia E61 provides seamless and encrypted mobile connectivity. Full attachment handling (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF viewer and ZIP manager) and an editing function (document, spreadsheet and presentation) are included. The E61 also includes the same advanced business call features and IP-based telephony functions as the Nokia E60 and Nokia E70.

Offer available until 31st May 2007.


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The same offer is available with a 512MB card for free instead of the SatNav software and dongle. Bit of a waste IMO as these can be pretty cheap, but if you want that instead then ]click here. This includes free mobile mail for one year too, which might make it worth it for users who'll heavily use email on the go.

I love this phone, had one for work. But it did keep failing with various problems. The screen, the software and the buttons all developed faults over 3 handsets. Vodafone gave me a n95 by way of apology yesterday though ;o)

Dont forget the £30 refer a friend as well. That brings it down to £15 a month.

Edit: When you put the TomTom deal in the backet it adds mobile mail for 12 months (£2.50 a month) but this is free for 12 months in the form of a credit applied to the bill within 90 days.

Is this 18 or 12 month?

18 month

Would have been good if they were offering that 50 pound credit like they did a few months ago with the LG U400 or whatever that I ordered (and regretted) as it was such a crap phone but worth it with all the money back I guess. Anyway I will be keeping an eye on this phone as I want one, won't match up to my N95, K1 RAZR, W850i, Pearl or the Sirrocco but the keypad is what I want! Its so like my Pearl
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