Free Nokia Music Download: I AM X - You Can Be Happy
Free Nokia Music Download: I AM X - You Can Be Happy

Free Nokia Music Download: I AM X - You Can Be Happy

I Am X - You Can Be Happy
Format: windows media audio file (wma) 192kbps

Artists track description:
"I used Unfall on this song. I wanted to create a soaring bending string line and mix it with a low voice female chant. The voice is Janine from the band. She says ..'It's a cruel world for small things but with lies and luxuries, in the in-between, you can be happy'. I know that my mother made me too sympathetic to the suffering of others. I sometimes get carried away with the notion that I feel what others feel. Especially the weak and hopeless . There is always an internal fight to overcome this and and 'own' happiness. Maybe this was a mantra for myself. I often need to wake up. I made it purposefully upbeat and bittersweet to remind me."

No I've not heard of em before either, but not a bad track actually.

Scroll down towards the bottom of home page where you will find a box looking like that of image on the right in this post. Click on that box and scroll down on page that opens till to the ninth track.

Once downloaded to Nokia OVI player, this track can be burnt to disc in uncompressed CD audio format (the type that can be played on most CD players)and ripped to any media player for DRM free version in desired format (MP3 probably).


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Still free, just not featured on home page as descibed above.
Here is direct ]link to download.

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Real Name:Christopher Corner
Profile:Born in January 1974 in Middlesborough, England and co-founded the Sneaker Pimps aged 15. Released 3 albums, "Becoming X" (1996), "Splinter" (1999) and "Bloodsport" (2002). He provided lead vocals on the last two albums, as well as co-writing songs on all 3 albums.
A fourth Sneaker Pimps album with a working title of 'SP4' was recorded but never released. Some of the songs were used on the first two IAMX albums.
Left the Sneaker Pimps in 2003 to concentrate on his IAMX project. Released his debut solo album, "Kiss + Swallow" in 2004 and the follow-up "The Alternative" in 2006.
Moved from London to Berlin in 2006, where he is still residing.
Third album "Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction" was released in May 2009, preceeded by the download-only single "Think Of England"..

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Hello, We are excited to announce that Nokia Music is now be part of … Hello, We are excited to announce that Nokia Music is now be part of Ovi. Along with a new name and a sleek new look that is easier than ever to use, Ovi Music (formerly Nokia Music Store) now offers the following: DRM-free MP3 files which you can play on a PC, Mac or any personal music player. Faster, easier way to browse, search and download the music you want. Simple user interface for mobile and PC.

In short this means that track can be downloaded for free in 256kbps MP3 (so no burning & re-ripping to remove DRM). The link in OP will still work but it will now display a prompt to open nokia OVI. Once OVI has opened type "I Am X - You Can Be Happy" into search field at the top of the page.
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