FREE Nokia N95 - Mix & Match 700 just £21 - no cash back and U/G after 15 months
FREE Nokia N95 - Mix & Match 700 just £21 - no cash back and U/G after 15 months

FREE Nokia N95 - Mix & Match 700 just £21 - no cash back and U/G after 15 months

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I've just been offered an upgrade with 3 on the new mix and match 700 tariff for just £21 a month. I was on the old video talk 700 tariff and have just made my 4th successful claim with E2Save (I was on a FREE 12 month cash back deal). New customers have to take a compulsory £12, 120 video minute add on but I wasn't prepared to pay for something I won't use. I know the deal I was offered is pretty good without the risk of cash back deals. I know there aren't many decent cash back deals around on the 3 network. I also have the unlimited internet add on which is really good value at just £5 a month for 1GB of data.


Total price £242?

This is one of those handsets where people either say it's the best phone they've ever had, or it's really unreliable and useless!

Most agree, though, that battery life is terrible; sometimes it won’t last a day.

If you want a N95, this is quite a good deal, just check it out first.

21*12 gives me 252.

Is this a 12 month contract?

Seeing as you can upgrade after 15 months, I would think that this would be an 18 month contract

Is it only for upgrade? How about new customers?

I think you need to buy a £12 addon for video calling for new customers (as on the website)

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For new customers this deal will be £33 and I'm not sure if you'd be entitled to an upgrade after 15 months, that's why I posted the deal. Without my internet add on the total after 15 months will be £315. This is a pretty good deal considering other networks only offer this handset FREE on a tariff over £35. T-Mobile only offer the handset FREE on a tariff over £45.

It's not such a good deal for new customers. The phone itself is one of the best on the market for internet browsing, I know the battery life could be improved but I'll just make sure I charge the phone every day. I've lost faith in cash back deals and there is only T-Mobile's Web n Walk that compares anywhere near the unlimited internet that 3 offer for just £5. If I had gone for this phone on T-Mobile I'd be paying £45 a month where as I'm paying just £26 with 3 - bargain!

[SIZE=2]am i seeing something different here?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]my battery lasts well throught the day and u would generally charge your fone daily anway[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]if i dont use it the battery seems to last 2-3 days[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]latest firmware maybe?[/SIZE]

Mine lasts at least 2 days No problems here on o2

regards Adey

I tried twice to get a better deal for an N95 than the standard web offer but they wouldn't budge even when I went ahead and cancelled - they would negotiate on any other handset but not the N95. I'm better off ordering a new N95 via Quidco although the handset seems to have gone up from £12 to £15 now. Has anyone else got a better deal out of 3 for an N95?

Earn £30 for yourself when you join 3 . If you do not have any on 3 network friend, PM for details on how to earn.
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