FREE Nokia N95 with 900 mins/1800 texts for £30pm (18 months)

FREE Nokia N95 with 900 mins/1800 texts for £30pm (18 months)

Found 4th Dec 2007
Free Nokia N95 with 900 minutes or 1800 texts for £30pm on an 18 month contract, or the phone is £9.99 on a £25pm contract.


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why so cold?

Not a bad deal but N95 8GB is available on £35/month (and for me personally T-Mobile are s***e for coverage in Northern Ireland)

we all have on now that why its cold after they missprinted the price £29.99 on a £20 a month for 12months.

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Not everyone has one, the £20 a month deal came with a pathetic amount of free minutes aswell.

This is a good deal. Voted hot.

3 Are still offering a slightly different package too with the N95 for free on their £24 a month for 18months package - this is with 300 credits (1 credit per text / per min) and 90mins/month free video calling.
You can add their equivalent to T-Mobile's web n walk for an extra £5 / month.

:santa: I bought one on the original Quazim 12 month contract deal. But this is a great deal too. You get lots of minutes extra for a extra £5.00 plus phone onluy £9.99 and remember £40.00 Quidco too. Voted hot even though i have one. Great post.

Zetec Andy

why so cold?

Andy - would amend title from £30.00 to £25.00 , may attract more attention.
Cheers Gucci x:thumbsup:
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