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Free noodle box 6th October (10,000 available - Limit of 100 per store) - voucher required @ Chopstix Noodle Bar

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On the 6th October, Chopstix Noodle are giving 10,000 free noodle boxes in store, 100 limit per store on a first come first served basis. A voucher is required for your local store, which you can get from here now chopstixnoodles.co.uk/noo…day. If you want to add a topping the cost is £3.69.

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National Noodle Day 2022

Celebrate with us in store - we're giving away 100 FREE boxes of noodles at participating Chopstix locations on 6th October!.And on the big day you can also grab your favourite topping for just £3.69 to add to your FREE Noodles.

Just pop in your details to receive your FREE noodle box voucher

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  1. Avatar
    Used to love Choptix, but now , not only have they increased the price they decreased content by 50% lol, when I complained, turns out none of them speak any English.
  2. Avatar
    Sadly this place has noodles more akin to spaghetti than actual noodles…
  3. Avatar
    Mmmmm yummy in my tummy... Korean BBQ and Caramel Chicken on Noodles please...
    I'll pass. Wife makes better at home. I'll ask her to make some tonight. Heat for the idea!
  4. Avatar
    Take yours to a homeless person with the free spring rolls. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    So it's £3.69, unless you want plain noodles?
    Thats right.
  6. Avatar
    this is such a rouse to draw people in and make them pay for toppings. This promo seems outright silly.

    I really like Chopstix, that is a pity if the portion sizes have reduced like some mentioned.
  7. Avatar
    I just went in Chopstix noodle bar in Peterborough centre, they still have free noodle boxes. Bought just chinese toping, was exactly 3.69, paying only with card! You get this small box of noodels for free but as you see it's full.
    48374119-2jRDq.jpg (edited)
  8. Avatar
    No NI stores on the list
  9. Avatar
    God awful food from this place
  10. Avatar
    Go for small (or do they call it standard?) and it’s just a few fork/chop sticks full! Ridiculously small.
  11. Avatar
    I went today. The portion was tiny and as others have said you'd still need to pay the £3.69 if you wanted a topping. Fine if you happen to be passing one but don't make a special trip!
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    No more codes
  13. Avatar
    I also went today, to the one in Canary Wharf. I was appalled at how small it was so i just chucked it back over the counter onto the floor, and went and got a sandwich in Waitrose. I shan't be darkening their door again, thats for sure.
  14. Avatar
    Just got it, absolutely disgusting.
  15. Avatar
    Also been told that there is 50% off bags of rice at Asda!

    Noodles and rice!
  16. Avatar
    The portions are tiny but it taste nice enough
  17. Avatar
    My local isn’t participating. Pity.
  18. Avatar
    Fried spaghetti taste good , as well as soup spaghetti
  19. Avatar
    Sounds good heat OP
  20. Avatar
    Not really free, you have to pay for topping.....
    No it is free if noodles
  21. Avatar
    Where can I get noodles to go in the box?
  22. Avatar
    Is this literally just plain cooked noodles? U have to pay for any toppings/sauce?!
  23. Avatar
    Free Noods
  24. Avatar
    Got the email but won’t bother going as I imagine they would have “run out” by lunch time
  25. Avatar
    Do they have a problem with Devon and Cornwall??
    I think they won’t bother setting up in locations where people are more likely to buy (and appreciate) real food. I tried these “noodles” a few years ago at a shopping mall and it’s just cheap junk food. It’s nothing like a proper noodle takeaway box.
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  27. Avatar
    Bit of a con u pay for toppings that same price as buying it normally
  28. Avatar
    Damn, too late...no worries Pot noodle!
  29. Avatar
    No longer form available :/
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    “Menashe and Sam start a business together with a location on Camden High Street in London and begin selling fish and chips, £1 pizza slices, kebabs and falafels to the locals.”

    Not long after they add Chinese food to their offer - and the beginnings of a brand begin to take shape.”

    Well done to the two fellows on their success but I think I’d rather pay for overpriced food from a more authentic company (edited)
  31. Avatar
    ate a box today. they are stir fry kind of noodles also must say it was very plain no taste. tried the bbq chicken topping, the topping on its own is nice but the noodles just not nice. i've never been here before, only went in for the free thing today and won't go in again. i feel evil but lots of competition does mean they have to do these kind of marketing. if it was good i defo would've returned.