Free NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass via Carling Website

Free NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass via Carling Website

Found 9th Nov 2013
Free 24 hour sports pass. This is an offshoot of the promotion that Carling are offering when you buy their beer. Except that via the website you don't have to buy anything apparently. Set up a Now TV account and get a free Day Pass, giving you access to all 6 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours.
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Terms and conditions say you need to enter a code to verify the sky sports day pass?
"Visit to verify your age, email address and agree to the terms and conditions of this promotion. Follow the instructions to enter the unique code printed on the inside of the promotional pack and activate the Day Pass. Each pack contains 1 Sky Sports Day Pass code which will be printed on the inside of the packaging. "
I haven't tried without though.
So you have to buy a pack to get the code...not really free then Great deal only if you like carling I guess.
It's not free, unless you buy a pack of beer.. so it's not a freebie at all.
Have some of these packs but can't fin any code inside ? Please help!
Where about s on the inside of the packaging is the code?
why will my nowtv promo code not work it just says enter a valid code,and its all in capitals is that the problem I only got carling beer because of this as I don't it just to get you to bye there product,am very disapointed
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