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FREE Now TV Smart Stick for PS3 Now TV Users (Check emails - Potentially account Specific)

FREE Now TV Smart Stick for PS3 Now TV Users (Check emails - Potentially account Specific)

Posted 19th May
Sky are offering Now TV Smart Sticks to users of the service on PlayStation 3. If you have ever had the app on your PS3, then check your emails and follow the red link at the bottom of the email. Fill in your details and voila, free Smart Stick! No payment required, no delivery fees, sorted.

Possibly account specific, but most likely Now TV & PS3 combo specific.
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What's a PS3?
What's a PS3?
£4.99 for me! Still tempted though...To be fair I think I've got everything cancelled at the moment and am just seeing out my last month.
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Link is not working
I don’t get why they would do this but I’ll take it!
didn't work for me. I used to use NOW TV on my ps3. It is just way too slow to use on PS3, I now use it on my Roku boxes and Now TV boxes. Still would be good if I could get another NOW TV stick for the extra pass. I won't be using the Now TV stick though due to lack of ethernet compatibility.
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Usually this happens when they stop to support a particular device, in this case the PS3, they offer a new device for free or at a low price to encourage them to continue their subscription when they stop support for older devices. If they didn’t do this then they risk the customer cancelling their subscription.
@jordanmb98 After you've used yours, are you happy to share your link, to see if we can use it? My own link still asked me to log in.
HDONOF19/05/2020 16:01

I don’t get why they would do this but I’ll take it!

I’d imagine it’s to reduce the chances of people cancelling their service.

In the case of say my parents, they would now need to add new hardware to their setup to be able to use Now TV in their bedroom since there is no Fire TV app.

It’s annoying on at least some level, especially given the current situation.


I’m yet to receive the email.
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No email and the link says £24.99 I definitely had and used the app on ps3
Thanks, got the email
I got the same email but i didnt have the smart stick option you do. How strange and slightly offended haha!
@jordanmb98 thanks for trying, tells me the voucher is invalid for me.
jordanmb9819/05/2020 16:44

Feel free to try my link - …Feel free to try my link -,6c75c4ef,6c75c4f1&cid=DM572261&bid=185898257&tid=WOo3AHBJphso0fX9+/MTF32v8F1dAxtiRQll90b/Lzk=&p1=NOW3CD7FT7HU3E

I got invalid voucher too I have a strong feeling these links are one use only as they seem to have a NOW TV voucher code embedded into them that is of similar format to the codes the passes use. The one in your link is: NOW3CD7FT7HU3E. I tried entering it in the voucher section in passes and got the same message about it being invalid so 99% sure these are one time use...
If anyone has a link who doesnt want the stick please dm me it, greatly appreciate it
If anyone gets this and doesn't want it, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands
Anyone send me a code if your not using. Would really appreciate thanks
If anyone has a link they won’t use I would love one for my dad as his old box can’t even get half the apps on it
Not a sausage and i was watching now TV on the app on my PS3 last night
If anyone has a link who doesn’t need the Now TV stick, then I would be very grateful if you can dm it to me. Much appreciated
Could I ask the same please.

Anyone that has a link that doesn’t need the NowTV Stick - my family would make good use of one. Please PM me.

Warmest thanks to any that can help,

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Annoying, as still use NowTV on my PS3 upstairs but had an old work email address linked to my NowTV account that I can’t access so wouldn’t have received the email!
Haven't got any email yet (perhaps the free stick is for people that only use a PS3 to watch TV or do a high proportion of watching on the ps3)
My TV can't get NOW TV app so if a kind member doesn't need it but can offer this to me?

Thanks in advance.
Icky4519/05/2020 16:18

The console the outsold the XBox 1

To be fair, that's not too difficult a hurdle. Largely because the Xbox 1 was gash.
Thanks OP - got mine!
How does this compare to the Amazon fire stick 4k? How about the non 4k fire stick?
My £5 one came quick for me. Hardware is pretty brilliant. Nice tidy stick, power cable to USB port and plug attachment if needed (you don't get that with the equivalent 1080p Roku...'box').

The remote is labelled Roku inside the battery compartment. Like the stick though, it's all Now TV branded outside. It has volume rocker, power button, and dictation button - all features missing from the 1080p and 4K Rokus (but not the premium Roku stick, which looks just like this, but supports 4K).

The software is where it falls down. As well as prominently featuring NowTV content when you switch it on, and showing a TV Guide based on the Entertainment Pass in the main menu, the Now TV app is prominently placed first on the 'My Apps' list - you can't move it further down the list, or even delete it, but you can fortunately delete the rest of the auto-install apps, including Sky Sports News and Sky Store (which makes it's remote shortcut button take you back to the option to reinstall it).

You also can't search all of Roku's apps - just the ones Sky have approved, which severely limits your choice. You can't get Google Play, Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV, or Spotify, but you can get Disney+ and The Roku Channel, which works perfectly, giving you a bit more free content.

The wallpaper can't be changed from it's NowTV version either.

All in all, I definitely don't feel robbed having only paid a fiver. Maybe £10-12 full price. Obviously they sell the stick with passes (no passes in this box) which shifts the value around a lot.
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Thanks got mine!
I have two NOWTV accounts and one wanted £5.99 for the stick whilst the other offered it for free (no p&p costs either). No guessing which offer I went for. Now arrived and does the job. Paired with my Harmony remote. All good.
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