FREE N.S.E.C.T Meshcards (business cards*20)

FREE N.S.E.C.T Meshcards (business cards*20)

Found 11th Sep 2006
Yet another freebie from the meshcard company....

For those who don't know, it's the company who you'll find that prints and distribute a set of typically 20 ID/business cards that you are now able to get easily off the net for free (which a particular company uses for advertising/marketing purposes), for example the latest SUPERSTAR/ Sensible Soccer /tamogacthi cards were all produced by them.

This time the company using them/giving out FREE business cards is Tyco RC toys to promote their new line of N.S.E.C.T. RC toy.

Be warned that you need to sign up to their site first then after about 10-20 random mouse clicks on the screen you will gain points (after a certain limit you get access to the free cards - this took me about 3 minutes, but if you recommend people, you will get bonus points etc.)

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