FREE O2 SIMS 06/02/2007
FREE O2 SIMS 06/02/2007

FREE O2 SIMS 06/02/2007

Get up to 4 free Online Pay & Go SIMs.
Just complete the form below and you can get either 100 FREE anytime any UK network minutes or 150 off-peak any UK network minutes every month - the choice is yours. Or, if you're more of a texter than a talker, you may prefer to select one of the other free allowances available with your Online Pay & Go SIM like 500 FREE texts every month. Details of how to select the option you prefer will be sent to you with your SIMs. Whichever you choose, you'll also get 1MB free browsing and downloading every month, and lots more.

Remember, this offers only available online, so make sure you let all your friends know too.

If you want more than one SIM, say now because we can only accept one order per household.
Offer subject to availability.


Posted many times, have already got mine thanks

i got loads of these sim cards and they dont work if you dont register them by a certain date, it is written on the sim card package when you have to use them by, and if you dont the sim dont work
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