FREE offers @ vistaprint

FREE offers @ vistaprint

Found 5th Mar 2009
Try VistaPrint's high quality, low cost online printing service today for free by ordering 250 personalised business cards.They offer a variety of free products including rubber stamp, T-Shirt, Postcards, Business Card Magnets, Invitations and Announcements, Return Address Labels and Sticky Notes.


They offen charge for shipping.

Beware of Vista Print - keep an eye on your credit card statements. They often without asking sign you up to a membership costing £19.99 a month. They did it with me. To be honest, steer clear of them.

Watch them, they often run a scam where if you take up the free offer, first they wallop you for postage, and then they sign you up without your consent to a monthly membership fee.

They ripped me off and wouldn't give a refund - I'd avoid this company at all costs!!!

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thanx for the warnings and feedback guys :thumbsup:

oh no, i just ordered with them last week got a load of free stuff but still cost me £20 odd postage. how do i know if they have signed me up for a membership?? hope they havent!

how do i know if they have signed me up for a membership??

Keep checking your card statements.

I have been using them for years. Business cards and all sort of stationary.

Never had a problem with them. Their delivery times can look a bit scary, but even on the cheapest dispatch priority items tend to take less than 10days to arrive.

Card / Print Quality from Vista is also not that great.

I love all the vista print freebies...... I know its the wrong time of year to be saying this but their personalised xmas cards were fab and everyone thought I had spent a fortune on them. I did have the issue at first with the membership thing but I got it sorted very quickly. You just ahve to be careful with your first order, after you have gone through the checkout.

Dodgy company, also they bombard you with spam emails!


I've never had a problem with them. Have had some great personalised freebies (paid postage) that my kids love. Especially my daughter who has an unusual name so can't easily buy personlised stuff for her. Never had any money taken from my credit card without my consent.

anyone charged when they should not be should contact their card provider. some card payments are protected by your bank and automatically entitle you to your money back. direct debits are covered by the direct debit indemnity scheme which means that if money is taken when you did not authorise the bank need to give u an immediate refund then they contact customer to stop payment. you should also contact your banks fraud team as this is fraud if they take money you did not authorise. hope this helps but always check with bank or credit card company to see where u stand.

i have used them alot with web site and other free gifts there realley good, once u sign up you will all ways get free offers just have to pay delivery which is like £3 for 21 day service, the web site design is good and realley cheap !!!

hot !!!!! :-D

Business cards pens.t-shirt.cap. banner and sign were great value and good quality. But the web page is a waste of time and effort.nothing but trouble and difficult to update.
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