Free Old School GTA's 1 & 2

Free Old School GTA's 1 & 2

Found 18th Dec 2008Made hot 21st Dec 2008
For anyone seeing their little brother/sister/uncle hogging the Xbox and playing GTA4 come Christmas day, why not remember the good old days?! You can download the originals from...…cs/

Nicely modernised so they don't run at lightspeed on a modern PC...

This is a nice freebie of some classic games. remember though folks, these were 18-certificate rated when the first came out, so aren't for the little 'uns (or the squeamish!)

I've found this deal on MSE and credits to the original poster, lpra.



I'm sure this has been posted before, but thanks for the reminder

Thanks I forgot about them scince GTA 3

Has been posted a few times before but thanks for the reminder.

Nice reminder, although they have been available for over 12 months.

This has been posted so many times before. Cold.

little uncles are always hogging the xbox

Hot, used this site for a long time and never noticed it before....have some rep!


Brilliant thanks:thumbsup:

Love GTA games, have them all but dont have 1&2 on my pc now because of the speed issues, so big thanks for this!:-D




Keeps asking for a valid email address, Surely is

good games wild metal country was fun back in the day as well heat added
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