Free On The Go Water Bottle & Flomax Relief

Free On The Go Water Bottle & Flomax Relief

Found 19th Apr 2010
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FreeFlo is a practical support and advice programme for men with BPH who are taking Flomax Relief, or thinking about taking Flomax Relief. Registration for FreeFlo is quick and easy, and your details are private and will only be used to send you information that's relevant to you.
they'll send you a welcome pack with Flomax Relief money-off coupon and free on-the-go water bottle.
Please fill in the registration form below - it should only take you a minute.


thx a lot hope it comes! really need a water bottle for travel


Whats a on the go water bottle excatly ?


it's a product for people who cant control their pee, i dont think this bottle is to drink from

lol lol lol I thought it was a water bottle too till I read it, well it is a water bottle of sorts!!!


lol@this thread!

Wheres the submit button on the link?

C'mon I need one of these urgently I'm skint and aint got a pot to pee in.

Seriously though where is submit|?


Wheres the submit button on the link?Seriously though where is submit|?

Their webshite is badly designed, seriously!

There is a thin blue vertical line on the right of the text and form. Use this bar, along with your cursor to move down the page. Alternatively, use your TAB key to move from section to section. The submit button is at the bottom. Works in both Mozilla and IE, but only just. I hope no one actually had the cheek to charge for designing those web pages!

As a BPH sufferer, I much appreciate the link!
H + R :thumbsup:


Actually got my bottle today

it is indeed an actual drinking sports bottle, with the rubber quick drinking top

very similar to this, it's 750ml and opaque rather than white

I got mine too but (this is embarrassing:oops:) I didn't see any reference to using it as a drinking bottle. I thought it was just generously proportioned. :giggle:

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