Free online Chess + [email protected] email address
Free online Chess + user@chess.com email address

Free online Chess + [email protected] email address

I know there are a lot of free Chess sites, but been a member of this for a while, in my opinion deffo one of the best and a great free email address, ie scousekop@chess.com

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Live Chess
Play chess online right now!

Chess.com Live Chess puts you in the game with hundreds of other players online! Find a game and play at your speed - bullet, blitz, or game in 2 hours. Chat with friends and enjoy playing chess - live!

* It's FREE and easy!
* Play from any computer - nothing to download!
* Play against friends and other Chess.com members and see how you stack up!



agreed its excellent


excellent, thanks.

Great find :thumbsup: thank you.

i've been playing flyordie (well, i used to) which was ok but this sounds a lot better, will look now

cool can play on iphone too
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