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Free Online Courses from the Open University, Over 1000 Entry level Courses

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About this deal

The Open University's OpenLearn platform offers a variety of free short courses ranging from 2 hours to over 48 hours.
  • Around 1000 courses available
  • Courses written by Open University academics
  • Self-paced study
  • Digital badges and certificates upon completion
  • Courses are available in the following categories:
Money & Business
Education & Development
Health, Sports & Psychology
History & The Arts
Nature & Environment
Science, Maths & Technology
Society, Politics & Law
Digital & Computing
Open University More details at
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    It will be asked. 
    No you don't qualify for student discounts just because you take a course
    flintstone's avatar
    Lol though you know someone will ignore your comment and still ask it
  2. maxtesti's avatar
    I really enjoyed studying at OU. It was life-changing.
    eccobeachy's avatar
    Me too. I’ve studied in a few places but I’d rate the OU highest. I got my first undergrad degree there 30 years ago. Did one of these taster type courses (mooc) a few years ago and ended up doing another degree with them. Graduated 2 years ago. Really great quality of learning materials imho.
  3. lenslion's avatar
    Genuinely a great resource and a great way to sample subject before committing more fully. The courses around mental health are great general knowledge too.
  4. FIREDEALS's avatar
    Do you get a student email with this? Just asking for a friend 👀
    mercedesamg's avatar
    What does everyone use it for?
  5. RebTheRebel's avatar
    Thanks for this, been looking at a career change and with these entry level courses can give me an idea whether the subject is for me or not.
    Hotspur's avatar
    How are you finding the career change?
  6. Shak5's avatar
    Anything worth doing IT related?
    ns6437's avatar
    I got my degree from the OU in IT. I highly rate the OU and what it did for me. I didn't follow a specialisation, but rather, I picked lots of different modules so I could identify which area of IT was best for me.

    Although I've not seen these particular modules, I can assure you that the content will be of good quality!
  7. snappyfish's avatar
    Great thanks, been wondering when I can earn 100k plus easily. Thanks
  8. Jane_Schubert's avatar
    Cool deal, thanks!
  9. Dan_8j4's avatar
    Bias is a thing in many academic courses, especially the social sciences.
    Peacestation's avatar
    Heh? same in personal lives. Pick a random person.
  10. Blue200's avatar
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Not for free
  11. tas_shah's avatar
    Is entry level a level 3 a level equivalent? And is it recognised in other universities?
  12. Daves_mate's avatar
    I'm here for free discount codes and other offers
  13. KennyA23's avatar
    Any courses on psychology?
  14. CrazyLegsKane's avatar
    Thanks OP
  15. Hotspur's avatar
    This is great. I've been trying to switch careers and it's proved more challenging than I thought. Can anyone recommend any courses related to design and real estate?
  16. brk96's avatar
    Free material but not free degree linked courses. Studying on the OU is so expensive nowadays
    Shwartzewolf's avatar
    You pay for what you get!
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