FREE online GuitarPlayer Vault magazines! Apr '09-*Jan '17 issues

FREE online GuitarPlayer Vault magazines! Apr '09-*Jan '17 issues

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FREE 'GUITAR PLAYER' MAGAZINES (online - view or save to hard drive)

Zappa, Beck, McLaughlin, Fripp, etc, etc - these mags are chock full of interviews, gear reviews and tabbed out lessons.

You can view the entire magazine (adverts included) in your browser or you can download as a PDF (or AIR)


All the magazines are hosted at and

To view directly go to (using Jeff as an example):…406

*to access next or previous month just change the numeric value at the end of the address line to YEAR and MONTH - example issue above June 2011: _201106

To save as PDF:
After loading, click on the 'save to your desktop' (top right image), which opens another tab for you to download 'Adobe AIR Runtime' - look down the bottom of that page and you will see 'Please click here to download the PDF version of this publication'

*** NOTE: for publications from Dec 2015 you need to click on the cloud download icon on bottom right of page ***

JANUARY 2017:…851
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