Free O&O UnErase 6
Free O&O UnErase 6

Free O&O UnErase 6

Received a mail from them just now!!

Simply fill their small registration form and you will receive your license by email

Just one wrong click and your valuable personal data is erased. But do not despair! With our gift for you today you can recover your lost data with just a few easy clicks of the mouse!

O&O UnErase 6 scans at lightning speed all Windows-recognized disks for recoverable data. Advanced options mean you can customize the search exactly to fit your needs using various filters. You can even search for specific text passages in deleted files. And thanks to the user interface in Windows Explorer-style, there's no learning curve: O&O UnErase 6 is also perfect for novice users!


Something for nothing Always a good deal

Will be interesting to see what it can recover and how good my erasing program actually Is lol thanks

Just spent the morning trying this out and all I can say in its favour is that it's free.
It is complicated to use and results were less than useless. I wrote, then deleted a works document and even though I gave the exact location O&O Erase couldn't find it. Nor could it find a file I had deleted earlier then cleared from the recycle bin. It may be my system is very good at hiding deleted files as Recuva isn't a lot better. I think I will continue to rely on regular and frequent backups. However this has set me a task to find a better free file recovery program, if I do I shall post it on HotUKDeals.
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