Free orange sim (14/10/2006)
Free orange sim (14/10/2006)

Free orange sim (14/10/2006)

Thought I'd create a new deal for this offer as it expires a month later than the recent similar deal posted by Muwolves

Another chance to grab a free Orange PAYG sim

"To get your hands on these goodies, just fill out the form. Wait a couple of days. The SIM Card will appear as if by magic (but actually by post). Stick it in your unlocked phone and call us to register it. Bob’s your uncle.

So, what are you waiting for?"



...and another one:]http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/simevent/taytoThis one … ...and another one:]http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/simevent/taytoThis one expires 20/12/2006

you need to collect 10 codes for this one from promotional packs, :-(

thanks for the first 1 though:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Yeah, sorry, just noticed that...deleted that one :oops:

lol thanks again

ordered. thanks

Nice one, Thanks

I recieved two these yesterday:thumbsup:
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