free orange sim card with 1000 free texts
free orange sim card with 1000 free texts

free orange sim card with 1000 free texts

As you already know, Orange and the Metro have got together to give you this great deal - a free Orange pay as you go SIM Card loaded with 1000 free texts. Oh, and up to 1000 free texts a month after that.

Top-up by £10 a month and get 300 free texts the next month, top-up by £20 a month and get 600 free texts the next month, or top-up by £30 a month and get unlimited free texts the next month.

Just fill out the form and when you get your free SIM, register it by calling 0800 079 0006.

What's more, you'll get our flat rate tariff, Speak Easy, which means your calls cost only 15p per minute to any UK mobile or landline and normal text messages are only 10p each. And, when you top-up by £20 or more in a month, you'll also get free evening mobile internet browsing.

And don't forget you get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday with orange Wednesdays - all you have to do is text FILM to 241 (texts cost 35p)



cheers heat and rep letfT!!!


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looking forward to all those free texts!!


looking forward to all those free texts!!THANKS.

Me too!

Thanx "sree!" :thumbsup:

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thanx alot to all of u

texts only last for a month, plus you will need to top up for the film offer, but its free!

Not bad, but prefer o2, give your similar offers, plus treats and cashback on top-ups every few months

hi thanks for posting heat added i ordered 2 sim cards.:)

in 4 1

Hi, do you have to top this sim up before you get your 1000 free texts?

Looking at Terms & Conditions leaves more questions unanswered than answered.
Free texts will be activated 14 days after your 1st payment of £10 & as OP has mentioned the free texts will most probably be for 1st month only, ( no unused carried forward).
The deal states to get your free texts then you must spend at least £10/month.
Assuming you don't have to sign agreement to spend £10 or more/month, for a minimum period, then it looks like a good deal, even if only used for the 1st month.
That said, with an Orange PAYG account you get 30 free texts each month via the internet, regardless of your monthly top ups.

thank you heat added


why is this expired? its still there on the site?
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