FREE orange sim cards
FREE orange sim cards

FREE orange sim cards

TWO links to seperate free orange sim cards.
Usual T&C's apply, you all know these by now:)



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HELP, What's going on???
Somebody please delete three of these posts.

I'm not posting deals anymore, too much hasle.

how comes it's to much hassle? You must have pressed submit 4 times lol 8-)

It's a software problem and hopefully will be sorted soon

I'll move the extra posts of this deal don't worry dino!

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Thanks Rayman, :thumbsup:
I had my Computer not letting me copy and paste then I could not get the picture to load then I had a full page of HTML.
Now my links ain't working.

Right guys, these links DO work so grab yourselves a couple of free Orange Sim cards:-:grin:



Thanks dino

The links now working and image added too.

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Nice one Ray, Thanks. :thumbsup:
Are you my guardian angel today? 8-)
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