Free Orange Tree with Order - Bakker (Flowers / Bulbs / Seeds)
Free Orange Tree with Order - Bakker (Flowers / Bulbs / Seeds)

Free Orange Tree with Order - Bakker (Flowers / Bulbs / Seeds)

From an email I had

"This handsome orange tree is perfect for the patio or balcony and will create a wonderful Mediterranean ambience. You will receive this dwarf fruit tree free with your order."

I cant see a code for it so I assume that everyone who orders wil get it

Not sure how they compare for price or quality with other merchants but thought I would post it, although I am sure some know-it-all will write something catty because they cant help it!

I do however prefer to support local merchants rather than big chains!


Thanks for posting this!

The website is currently advertising a free strawberry tree on the homepage but doesn't mention the Orange tree

Perhaps there's a minimum spend to get the Orange tree?

Original Poster

weird - when I look at the homepage I see the orange tree on the right handside halfway down. I cant see the t's and c's for any promotion on the email or the website.

I only see the strawberries too, tried a basket of £100 and still doesn't change to an orange tree

£4.95 p+p even if you order a packet of seeds, only worth it for large orders, i only see a free strawberry plant also

I think everyone who has signed up for Bakker newsletter has recieved this offer. But bet its not going to look anything like the one in the picture. It will probablly be sent as bare root twig.

My dad grew an orange tree from a pip. He had it for 18 years and it was about 3ft tall when he lost it to frost (forgot to bring it inside ), it never once bore an orange!
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