Free Outdoor movie screenings
Free Outdoor movie screenings

Free Outdoor movie screenings

As the summer finally comes to an end, you can enjoy the free films at The Scoop on a balmy evening. The perfect way to see some amazing cinema on the big screen, The Scoop is showing romance, crime thrillers, classics and musicals throughout September and all for free!

Films for 2010
Starting with the George Clooney hit Up in the Air and closing with the Patrick Swayze classic Dirty Dancing, the free films at The Scoop cover such a range of titles and styles that there is definitely something for everyone here. Showing on the big open air screen, the films are open to the public on a first come first served basis so that everyone has an equal chance to getting to see a free flick.

Open air screenings
Showing on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the film screenings are showing a range of great films. Even if you have seen them before, there is nothing like the feeling of watching a cool thriller out in the night air, so catch The Bourne Ultimatum on screen to revisit the final part in the Jason Bourne trilogy. Or if you fancy something more light hearted, try the Julia Roberts classic Pretty Woman or Pixar's latest hit, Up.

Vintage films
Vintage films are high on the list too as the famous Alfred Hitchcock thriller North by Northwest follows Cary Grant as a New York advertising exec who winds up on the run from spies after he's mistaken for a government agent.

All the free films at The Scoop make for great summer watching. Get there early, take your own drinks and popcorn, and make a night of it.

Wednesday 15th September - Up in the Air
Thursday 16th September - The Kite Runner
Friday 17th September - The Bourne Ultimatum

Wednesday 22nd September - The Hurt Locker
Thursday 23rd September - North by Northwest
Friday 24th September - Pretty Woman

Wednesday 29th September - Invictus
Thursday 30th September - Up
Friday 1st October - Dirty Dancing

The free screenings at The Scoop amphitheatre take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 15th September - 1st October 2010. The films start at 7.30pm and seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Film may be cancelled because of rain.

i posted this on my site free movie screenings and thought it would be good to put the post here dont forget to add heat if you like the offer


The Scoop is in London near Tower Bridge/London Bridge for anyone outside of London wondering where this is.

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The Scoop is an 800-seater amphitheatre next to London's City Hall on the south bank of the Thames close to Tower Bridge.

to see map click the following london-se1.co.uk/pla…map

would be **** london

Film may be cancelled because of rain.

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...or just wait until your neighbour rents a decent Blu-ray and watch it through their window.

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