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Posted 4 September 2022

Free pack of Oreo Twists via money off coupon from Oreo

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If you give your email address, Oreo will email a coupon to redeem for a free pack of the new Oreo Twists. It's one of they flashing coupons you need to activate at the tills. Hope that helps someone.
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    Just warning everyone, I wouldn't try to use this coupon at Asda. The previous deal with these moving barcodes for Cornettos gave a "basket fail" error at the checkout and I doubt Asda's system has been fixed.
    Yes I wrote an email/complaint to ASDA about that and they never even replied to me! (edited)
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    Says "Crumbs. We’ve run out of today’s coupons.But there’s a Twist. We’ve got lots more coupons to give away, so come back tomorrow to try again"

    So you can un-expire again tomorrow
    For OP, mods, and interested users, it's probably better for this deal to remain active for the whole period rather than expired and unexpired on a daily basis (edited)
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    Use Abine to get throwaway addresses that you can turn off so you don't have to put up with crap from "carefully selected partners".
    Get your code, turn off the email, enjoy the treat.
    And repeat if the biscuit is any good. You can have my turn.
    Whilst Abine is great, it isn't at all necessary here
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    Just a heads up, I used one of these coupons before. You don’t have to go to a till to do it as you can just go to self service. Just SS the voucher and throw in a random piece of paper, it will accept it as a voucher being used.
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    Maximum count of participations reached.
    I’ve just used it and received my voucher just now.
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    You might want to update the post as it’s not a free pack of Oreo twists. According to the email it’s only up to £1 off a pack. Where does it mention a whole free pack?
    Well they are 75p in Asda and £1 in Tesco. (edited)
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    Went to Morrisons. Had to get someone to open a manned checkout. Flashy barcode did not work. Cashier typed in code but failed as value of offer (£1) exceeded the price of the item (75p). Ended up getting 2 packs and taking £1 off so paid 50p. Not bad value but what a faff on. (edited)
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    Today they refused to accept the coupon at my Tesco by cashier who didn't even try to scan it and just said its fraudulent. She said a lot of people used it today so manager said not to accept them anymore. She said you just have to pay for it. I just left the store. Really awful (edited)
    That's awful. I used it twice today at 2 different stores.
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    Is anyone else is having problems of ticking the box with their t&c?
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    Got bored of the raspberry flavour very quick but I appreciate the effort for a new flavour
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    thank you
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    Coupons still available
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    Yummy. Cheers OP
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    Been in my local asda few days ago, seen at till it scanned and said -£1 yet cashier didn't acknowledge this for me. Same with cornetto voucher 😔
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    i keep trying these coupons but they always fail and then its a waste of my time and the others in the queue behind me... such a nuisance.
    all it does it put me off trying them, becos i sure as hell wont pay for them if the coupon cant get its act together. (edited)
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    Coupon didn't work for me
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    Come back tomorrow said
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    Back available now!
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    Still available for today and hopefully I'll get a treat . Thanks op
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    It worked for me at Tesco! I just had to take it to a regular till, it wasn't scanning on the self checkout
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    Comr back tomorrow for me.
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    Thanks I received a couple earlier today
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    Has anyone tried these at any self checkout tills. Don't want to feel offended if the coupons fail at the tills.
    Hi. Someone said they will only work there if you screenshot the coupon and use it instead of the flashing version. I used it twice at manned till yesterday and it was fine.
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    Got mine in Morrisons today but what a pain. 3 cashiers input and the jumping barcode finally scanned. Entering the numbers as an alternative did not work.