Free Pack of Seeds from Britain on Show
Free Pack of Seeds from Britain on Show

Free Pack of Seeds from Britain on Show

To receive your fantastic free packet of Grow Your Own Seeds simply fill out your details in the form provided. We are giving you the chance to get your hands on some free carrot seeds to plant and enjoy the produce!

These free 'Britain on Show Seeds' are brought to you by Northamptonshire Let Yourself Grow, each packet comes with full planting and harvesting instructions to help you make the most of your free seeds. Full terms and conditions apply, please see below for details.

Terms and Conditions
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery, offer only open to UK residents, only one seed pack per email address, only one seed pack per household address (must be a UK address), seeds may be substituted for similar varieties, all free packs of seeds are subject to availability.


Thanks - Heat added!

Thanks :0)

Thanks:thumbsup: Heat added:)

Voted HOT.
I hope to receive some seeds. My only issue is that I have received free seeds from their last campaign. :?

Thanks got quite a few free packets of seeds from this site thanks again H & R added


4-6 weeks delivery?

Wouldn't that be a bit late to plant them?


4-6 weeks delivery?Wouldn't that be a bit late to plant them?

August is last planting time for late season carrot crops.


I never got these the last time either, but hey, I live in hope Thanks a lot - my carrots are doing well this year (first time ever!) so I want to get some more in later on.

Thanks Heat added


dinner sorted thank you

Great, thank you again!


thank you x
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