Free Packet of Heinz Tomato Seeds

Free Packet of Heinz Tomato Seeds

Found 6th Mar 2015
Heinz are once again giving away free tomato seeds....But people who won last time cant get this time, its for new users who dont get it last time..

There are 20,000 free packets of tomato seed packets available at the Heinz Facebook page. Just enter your details to get yours, and grow your tomatoes for a chance win even more freebies like a Heinz watering can. (Magic freebie)


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People who won last time with their facebook account can use different facebook account in ur family to get another free pack again

Nice one i won then accidentally refreshed the page whilst filling out the form, so be careful you only get one chance to fill out the form

delivefy is quite quick with these, received mine a couple of weeks ago


delivefy is quite quick with these, received mine a couple of weeks ago

*delivery, oops

Should be in competitions.

Heat added.

Your Heinz Tomato Seeds will be with you very shortly.

We can't wait to see photos of your growing Heinz Tomato patch on our Facebook page! Happy Growing!

There is also a pack (10 seeds) of these free in the march issue of Waitrose kitchen.
Doesn't mention it on the cover but they're inside on a Heinz ad.
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Thank you, got some for the kids to grow

Not just tomato seeds but Heinz tomato seeds eh! Do they end up tasting of copious amounts of vinegar and sugar and salt?

Just won (ordered) mine

Just won one. Gotta go get a grow bag thanks

Thanks I won!

I never received mine last year

You only get TEN seeds!

Got mine
Ok 'only' 10 but if just half grow that's 10 plants

thanks op

Facebook page says 'Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment. The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren't in.'
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