Free packet of seeds - no postage costs

Free packet of seeds - no postage costs

Found 11th Jun 2010Made hot 13th Jun 2010
The current issue of 'grow your own' has an advert inside from Kings Seeds, that says a free packet of seeds with every free catalogue ordered. It doesn't say what kind of seeds. There is no code, and i couldn't see anywhere on Kings site advertising this, so i went via their catalogue request link here;…est

and in the comments box, added a note about how i'd seen the advert in 'grow your own' could they send me my free seeds and cataloge please

the catalogue and a free packet of cauliflower seeds turned up this morning

it does say on the enquiry form that a member of staff will contact you shortly - i've had no contact at all ..(other than the delivery) the catalogue seed prices themseves are imho really really good so i will def be ordering from them, but there's been no selling or emails from them


What type of seeds did you get?

thank you

thanks worth a try



Nice one. Thanks.


welshy x

Ooooo I've given it a go.


I got cauliflower seeds - shame I can't stand them! :?
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