Free packet of Walkers Crisps + other prizes @ Facebook

Free packet of Walkers Crisps + other prizes @ Facebook

Found 27th Sep 2011
play the game & see if you win!

Promotion / Pick a Potato / Game – The Pick a Potato application visible at…474 where the first 100,030 users to ‘like’ the Walkers Facebook page and play the game to enter the promotion get the chance to win either:

A coupon for a free bag of Walkers Crisps (flat, original variety. Any flavour)
Or a voucher for a Virgin Hot Air Balloon ride for two
Or a voucher a Health Farm Spa Day for two.
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sorry not a lover of games that forces me to log into FB
It's not there doesnt exist :P
Moved this competition to freebies (thanks OP) as its been duplicated quite a few times. You get a free bag of crisps + other prizes and once the freebies have gone we can move it back to comps - so who wants a free bag of crisps ?
got my voucher ok, thanks OP. This size crisps are located by the sandwiches in Tesco, the bag cost 39p oO
A big thank you to walkers for my packet of free delicous new flavour of crisps..Mmmmmmmmmm so very tasty. Wasnt i the lucky woman. !!!!!!!
What do I do now?

NOt much.
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