Free Paddy Power Wedding Speeches Betting Kit - Entertain the guests during the speeches!

Free Paddy Power Wedding Speeches Betting Kit - Entertain the guests during the speeches!

Found 11th Sep 2008
What's the best part of a wedding?

Some think it's the drunk uncle. The drunk uncle thinks it's the (slightly less drunk) bridesmaids. Most of us just like the free booze, although a minority of romantics still go for the whole 'happily ever after' thing.

But for us at, it's all about the speeches...

Betting on the length of the speeches is a tradition as old as... oooo - as old as the Birdie Song itself. In fact it's a well known fact in celeb circles that John Travolta had a right touch betting that Tom Cruise's speeches would be over 35mins in length. Allegedly Mr. Cruise's marriage isn't a proper one anyway. As far as we can see, it's all a (Snip - Paddy Power legal Department).

Whether you're the best man or one of the wedding party (Bride, Groom, Mother, Father, Brother, Bridesmaid, Usher or even the Priest), now you can add a little extra frisson to your wedding with our all new Wedding Speech Sweepstake kit!

How does it work?

1. Place a kit on each of the tables at the reception. (Don't worry it's only 2 x A4 pages!).
2. Announce to everyone that they need to designate a timekeeper to organise the sweep.
3. Remind everyone that if the winner doesn't buy everyone at the table a round they're a skinflint!

How do I get them for a wedding?

Download the pdf by clicking on the button below and print it off (remember you'll need one print for each table at the reception!)
download Pdf

Fill in the form below and we'll send you the packs enclosed in dead posh rendered ivory envelopes - the perfect compliment to an already perfect day.
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I've already ordered a set for my wedding, apparently entertainment should be the number one priority, so every little helps
Great Find

Availible to download via PDF straight away.

It's my brothers wedding tomorow THANKS
Thanks for that..have requested them to be sent out
The Cannie Buyer;2944497

Great FindAvailible to download via PDF straight away.It's my brothers … Great FindAvailible to download via PDF straight away.It's my brothers wedding tomorow THANKS

Oh I hope you have a wonderful day xxx

just got back from the stag night 9we had the biggie a few weeks ago& just went out for a few beers tonight)

Anyway - i produced the paddyPower weeding sweepstake & we have £60 pound in the kitty

(who ever is the closest to guessing the lenght of the best mans speech gets the money)

Thanks again

many thanks for this, i am getting married in January and this should add a bit more fun to the day. Especially as the future father in law is a miserable git, i've been dreading his speech, now i can make some money off him!!! its a certain 20 seconds or less!!!
Great find thanks.
I've got a speach to make at my mates wedding next year - 4 mins 32 secs if any of you are attending!!!!
Hehe, H2B says his speech will last 10 seconds and no longer
What a great find....!!! Ordered one for my sisters wedding and another for my best friends!!! Makes the speeches all that more fun!!
wow cool thanks. gotta get these
Mine have arrived, they're ace
My set arrived this morning just in time for the wedding, very hot deal thanks op
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