Free Paintballing?
Free Paintballing?

Free Paintballing?

Congratulations! We are going to send you a fantastic Paintball Voucher worth up to £525.

Please go here to complete your details so we can send your voucher in the post:

Kind regards.....etc etc

well basically I won vouchers to Paintball from NUS. If anyone's interested lol... (limited to first 1000 people).

Anyway, you will get a Full Day on site with all your Equipment, Marshalling and Instruction, Lunch**, Insurance , no paintball are included in this prize.

You simply go on the link, and give your address details. The voucher will then be sent to you via the post..... GOOD LUCK!!!


thank you

Fingers crossed!

Thanks - added H&R


how much r the paint balls though? !!

Paintballs are usually expensive thats where they make the money, i went paintballing and spent nearly £100 on paint balls alone. If your not as trigger happy as me itl be good lol

well the ones i got before from another company was free tickets plus £15 for the first 200 paintballs then £5 for 100. this company says its £10 for the 100 paintballs but i guess its cheaper after that


Great thanks.

my brother *won this* and we all went and the paint was expensive for half a tube it was £10 and a full tube was £25 and they dont last as you do quite a few games and easily use a full one in just one game we thought it was a total rip off and alot of bruises at the end of it! dont get me wrong apart from the monet we totally enjoyed the experience but we wouldnt be ripped off like that again and i forgot the free lunch we got was packet pasta disgusting and a drink of water we did have the opportunity to purchase drinks and we did one bottle of water was £4!

Great but it wil cost you an arm and a leg for the paintballs:whistling:

we got one of these vouchers and it still cost us £20 pp which is none refundable you have to pay upfront (say you pay for 30 people and only 20 turn up u will not get your money back for the other 10 people) and then the paintballs was £7 for 100 i spent about £35 on paintballs had a totally fun day and the bruises was war wounds (when we got there the place we booked said if you had come to us in the first place it would have been even cheaper)

I entered their competition to win a PS3 but got email telling me I'd won paintball voucher, bit of a con

Yes this is a con they charge you an arfm and a leg for the paintballs, if there is a group of you it can cost well over £200 I no I let my son do this for his Birthday when it was avertised in shopping centre, never again!

cheers we were all goona pay £15 each at my local one now its free cheers


cheers we were all goona pay £15 each at my local one now its free cheers

[SIZE="2"]Did you not read any of the other posts?!? [/SIZE] :roll:
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