Free pair of socks
Free pair of socks

Free pair of socks

Just seen the ad in my Asda

All you do is take a old pair of your socks and swap them for a new pair of socks on father day .


It's really gonna stink in Asda on Father's Day!

yeah save even more by more bothering to wash them first

where does it say about it on the web site? i couldnt see it

Obviously Asda thinks men feet stink and must not change there socks much

Poor Sales Assistants! :giggle:


Poor Sales Assistants! :giggle:

Thanks I work for ASDA :-(

lol make him say sorry lol

I don't think I will bother with this one, sounds a bit embarrassing especially if the sales assistant doesn't know anything about the promotion and you are standing there with your tatty old socks :lol:

Sounds like some-one is having a joke :giggle: or maybe it is true :?
It does seem very weird

any stipulations on condition of the socks?

could be a good competition to see who can make the sales assistant throw up

Is it just socks or other small items too:giggle:
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