Free Pandoras.box Rock Album
Free Pandoras.box Rock Album

Free Pandoras.box Rock Album

Pandoras.box - Barriers
Genre: Rock, Alternative
When the best online albums of 2009 are tabulated, Barriers by German rock band Pandoras.box will be leading the pack. It is a exhilarating collection of songs that rise about the ton of music by independent bands due to its tight arrangements, arresting vocals, and a variety of sounds that still give it an uniform and unique identity. The casual listeners will certainly hear a Radiohead influences but with a harder edge. Personally, the first two tracks made me think of one of my favorite 90s alternative bands, Soul Coughing. The overall quality of the songs is consistent, with A Moderate Breeze, Arrows & Bows and the psychedelic Chaos Back being my favorites. This is a fairly astounding debut album and a must hear for anyone who think of themselves as knowledgeable about the latest in quality rock.

Barriers is available from the Clinical Archive netlabel and The Internet Archive (link below) in 256kbps MP3.

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