Free Paragon Drive Backup & Recovery 10

Free Paragon Drive Backup & Recovery 10

Found 13th Jan 2010…796

How to Obtain Your Serial Code

Simply follow the instructions within the installer and click Get Free Serial, which will open in your web browser. Important: this download promotion is licensed by Creativemark with authorisation from Paragon Software, available via this software store. Do not re-distribute the software.

This download is available until midnight of Tuesday 19th of January 2010.


Download media files from the Internet and its up to keep these files backed up on your system. Lose your purchased MP3 collection and theres no way of retrieving the audio tracks unless you get your card out and purchase again. Some people claim this is a valid reason to keeping buying CDs, but backing up your media partition, from time to time, will suffice.

Theres no reason for not backing up your data. We use an Apple Time Capsule which works as equally well on your PC as it would on your Mac is a low-cost wireless network storage option which can be hidden away out of site, but accessible from every computer. It doesnt need to be connected via your USB to your PC. As its a network drive, you can backup data to the drive whilst other users access their data.

The snag is that you need decent drive backup software to keep your drive or partition backed up and most free backup software requires you to run a complete routine, each time you want to backup your data. Paragons Backup & Recovery is free software that you can use to backup or restore a drive or drive partition, but also do this using differential backup, so you only need to backup data store since the last time you ran your backup. This means that the first time you backup your media partition, containing 100 MP3 audio tracks, say you then add a couple of new tracks later in the week, the next time you go and run a backup of this partition, only the new tracks will be backed up to your destination. This will take minutes, not the hours it would take to backup the entire partition.

You can also choose files that you do not need backed up on the remote destination. For example, if you have a backup of your favourite movie on your PC, this can run to gigabytes of data. You wont want to try and backing up this data and, besides, you can easily grab the DVD again as you own the original. Paragon Backup & Recovery enables you to select files you want to eliminate in the next backup run. Paragon Backup & Recovery will cover all your important home backup and restore requirements, suitable for a small office, too.


Hot. Good free backup tool.
Also here

If you're having problems with the Get Serial button, use:

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Hot. Good free backup tool.Also … Hot. Good free backup tool.Also here] you're having problems with the Get Serial button, use:]

Thanks, Rep added

It's a bit big (128MB) just for back-up software.

I just use MS sync toy & dos commands but either way still good.

Might help if you said "free" in your subject line

Seems it is a "cut down" version from the full suite.

Acronis True Image did this a year or so back, provide a free cut down versions and hope people go out and buy the full version.

is this better than acronis true image?

Sounds like a good offer, although it doesn't work if you are running a 64 bit operating system :-(


Or for the 64Bit edition try … Or for the 64Bit edition try



When I press "Try Now" from the link below I get "The Website Cannot Display the page"

Using IE8 on Vista…796


My littluns 160GB laptop has just gone titsup. I've fitted a 40Gb for now (just to be sure thats all it was.)

I'll be buying a new 320GB... can this be used to create an image and put onto the new drive - or its it just data backup?


When I press "Try Now" from the link below I get "The Website Cannot … When I press "Try Now" from the link below I get "The Website Cannot Display the page"Using IE8 on Vista

Use the links posted by the first replier (Musicrab)

or another good freebie is this with Windows 7 as well…-hm

Sadly seems to be overlaoded now - get this error on alla ttempts:
Internal Server Error, this is an error with your script, check your error log for more information.

Isn't this free normally?
32 bit & 64 bit free from paragon's website ]here


Really like the GFI one recommended here by Blotch.


Don't know if it makes a difference, but the direct link that comes up to register the Compact edition (downloaded from the original post) is here:…tml

When I entered the link from Musicrab, it said it was for the Free edition. I think that this matches the Downloaded software in the post from Musicrab, and I'd expect that this will still be available after 19th Jan so is god to know about for anyone who misses this offer

the link in the original post still seems to work, so not expired.



the link in the original post still seems to work, so not expired.]link

Link not working now

Page Not Found.

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