Free park & ride at Salisbury

Free park & ride at Salisbury

Found 16th Mar
Park and Ride will be FREE to travel on in Salisbury from Saturday 17th March until Easter Monday.

It's one of a number of measures Wiltshire Council has approved to help struggling businesses in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
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Must not joke, must not joke.
Must not joke, must not joke.
Well saves you Ricin in...
Don’t think they’ll be Russian to get this deal
And you get a free Hazmat Suit in any colour you long as its yellow.
Decided not to be venomous......
And what does the poor bus driver get!
F**k that lol I don't want to get poisoned.
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Don't see the problem, May's back in Downing street by now.
Park and ride to where? Porton down? :P
The Hypocrite Express. Hundreds of thousands of corpses all over the place. They need a whole fleet of buses. Maybe an opportunity there to restart the British motor industry, building safe buses for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen............
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