Free parking when visiting Richer Sounds

Free parking when visiting Richer Sounds

Found 5th Jan 2008
Richer Sounds will gladly pay the cost of parking for all of our 'genuine customers' for the duration of time that you are in our stores based on the hourly rates of nearby facilities. This does not mean you have to buy something at the time of claiming; indeed you may just be coming in for advice, an exchange or a chat about a planned purchase. For parking refund simply ask one of our colleagues for your cash back! (no need for a receipt)

I've done this a few times and got my parking paid for up to two hours!


Is this valid for all there store or certain ones. As it a nightmare at the Edinburgh store for parking

All stores as far as I am aware as this scheme is advertised on their website.

Thanks, that good to bear in mind

Been like this for years... I got this 4 years ago when I went there! lol

A tad embarrassing if you don't buy anything though!

It has been like this for Months....

Walk to the store say you have parked don't buy nish and come out with in cash in your bin:roll:. Yes it have been around for ages i have used it at London bridge parking meters in London £10hr in some places

They must be loosing quite a bit of money with this surely? But great for all us lot!
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