Free pattern to knit your own 27cm tall littlebigplanet Sackboy toy.

Free pattern to knit your own 27cm tall littlebigplanet Sackboy toy.

Found 14th Oct 2009
Hi all,

I know little big planet is quite popular (my little girl & me love it) and end part of last year a knitting magazine produced a knitting pattern by alan dart to knit your own 27cm tall sack boy. Anyway i had been trying to get hold of the pattern off ebay but they go for silly money £5plus just for the pattern so did a bit of digging and found the pattern free to download.

I know this may not be to everyones tastes but most people must have a nanna somewhere who is handy with knitting needles and believe me your kids will love it when they are the only ones with pink/blue/stripey/patterned sackboy teddies.

Hope someone out there finds this helpful as i know most of us cant afford or wont pay the silly money that the big sackboy toys sell for.

Follow the deal link then half way down the page in the article is red writing to click on to download a pdf and you will have a 3 page pattern.
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Excellent - my nephew keeps trying to nick the sackboy I got free so now I can chat someone up to knit him one!
I got my Grandma to knit me one of these a few months ago off the same pattern and it looks great!!
thanks, h+r
thanks. op
I love it.
Great Find. Gonna knit mine at the weekend. Cheers
Cheers :thumbsup:
thanks very much ! going to ask my sister to knit one for me
glad you all like this, next stage is to get those nanny knitting baby hats etc the right size to fit your new sackboy :-D
haha i like but not sure about my knitting skills
It's hideous. The vacant staring eyes. Please don't let it hurt me!

Just joking - good find.

I would pay someone to knit me one as I dont know anybody who could :-(

I seriously want one of these for the girlfriend as she is addicted to little big planet.
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