Free pay as you go Sim Card

Free pay as you go Sim Card

Found 20th Feb 2007
If you love to text at any time of day and chat long into the night we've got a great offer for you. Get a free pay as you go SIM Card with up to 1000 free texts each month.
Sounds good?
Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page by midnight Thursday, and we'll send you your free SIM Card. Pop it into any unlocked phone, give us a call to register it on 0800 079 0006, and start enjoying the benefits of being on Orange.


Can always do with a sim card - some have credit on them, and charity shops are always thankful for them have a load of stuff waiting to go to the charity shop so can add it to the pile

Hi went on the orange website about 4 weeks ago and never got my free sim card, I had the text to conferm that it had arrived but it hadn't as I should know so I went back on the website and it gave me a number to call when i did they guy said it was nothing to do with him and to go back onto the website, or he could put me through to sales and I could buy a sim card. :-(

Just tried to order got this message:-

An error has occurred. Please try again later.

Alternatively please call Orange on 0800 079 2000 where friendly, efficient staff will take your order.

Expired deal, but I expect another will be along soon
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