Free PC Game : Adventures of Shuggy at Indiegala

Free PC Game : Adventures of Shuggy at Indiegala

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Posted 31st Jul
Steam - £3.99 - ALL REVIEWS: Very Positive

Adventures of Shuggy

has just inherited a castle full of goblins, ghouls, zombies, and robots. Help him clear out over 100 rooms to make his new home liveable again! Every room in the castle is different, letting Shuggy fly, float, swing, spin, change size, time travel and more as he explores the Dungeon, Boiler Room, Clocktower, Gallery, and Graveyard.

Key Features
  • Co-op play - Play 36 twisted two-player levels in the offline co-op mode, with puzzles that can only be completed through cunning and teamwork.
  • Non-linear map screen - Multiple routes through the castle ensure you'll be able to find another route if you get stuck.
  • Boss encounters - Use your wit and cunning to defeat the dastardly bosses in each area of the castle.
  • Time travel - Get caught in a time loop and co-operate with your past echoes.
  • Rotation - Spin whole levels or interlocking puzzle sections to grab all the gems.
  • Seeing double - Utilize multiple Shuggys under the influence of different gravities.
  • Teleportation - Use Shuggy's teleporter to solve some tricky conundrums.
  • Tied up in knots - Grab the magic rope and swing your way to victory.
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What's the catch ??
floppydesk31/07/2019 06:56

What's the catch ??

Concept is pretty much same as the fire boy and water girl, which is free as well online. Saw a comment trojan detected, theres that.
Cool, thanx OP
floppydesk31/07/2019 06:56

What's the catch ??

Of getting the game free? The usual stuff: draws people to the site, create an account, maybe later buy a bundle or some games etc. So not really a catch just... stuff...
Edited by: "seabebees" 31st Jul
It's not a bad little puzzler platformer. Can get infuriating at times - there's nothing worse than being one step from completing a level and getting killed meaning you have to start the level again; this has happened to me several times on the same level several times!

Considering it was developed by just one person though over three or four years is commendable though - so commendable that I went to his website and actually paid the £4 or so for it after playing it for free. Here:…htm
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