Free PC Software @ ministryofdeals

Free PC Software @ ministryofdeals

Found 19th Jun 2009
* One FREE software package for your PC
* Could be a game, utility or security tool
* Delivered to your door absolutely FREE of charge


"Could be a game, utility or security tool"....

Or even a worm!

great only time will tell what I get!

Why the cold votes? It's free ffs :?

I tried this about a month ago and got a cd rom Net Cleaner to erase sensitive data from your PC

was posted very recently and all i got was a certificate making software cd...useless.

The Trouble With Ministry Of Deals Is That They Are In The Channel Islands And Their Website Has No Unsubscribe Option. So Once They Have Your Email Address, You'll Get A Daily Invitation To Buy The Sort Of Stuff You'd Avoid If You Saw It In A Street Market Or Boot Sale. The 'free Gift' Only Applies Once - In Other Words, You'll Never Be Able To Opt For The Free Daily Gift Again. Mine Was A Piece Of Software That I'd Never Heard Of To Prevent Infection From Internet Browsing - The Sort Of Thing Everyone Has When They Install Windows But Older And Ineffective. My Advice Is To Leave The Ministry Well Alone. I Wish I Had.
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