Free Persil Dosing Device @ Persil

Free Persil Dosing Device @ Persil

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Found 14th Mar 2011
Complete the online form to request a free Persil dosing device. You may choose from either a net, ball or cup, all of which help to remove stains. The devices can also be used to pre-treat tough stains to ensure a better cleaning result. To request yours, complete the online form with your address details, then answer a few short questions. (UK Only)


Thanks x


I use an Arialator.

crap they take your details and send you f all i have requested 3 different occasions now and nothing yet they have my details just what do they do with them!!!!!!!

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well i recieved mine

Please can you help me, I'm trying to get hold of a net to hold my Persil tablets when using them in the washing machine. Would be very grateful if you could help.

Gloria Richardson
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