Free Personalised Letter From Santa
Free Personalised Letter From Santa

Free Personalised Letter From Santa

Fill in your child's details including the names of three friends and receive a e-letter almost instantly from Santa ;-) Letter can be printed out or shown to the child on the screen if your child is familiar with a computer.

Details are as follows:

Now your child can write to Santa and receive a reply! Print out this personalised letter from Santa. Imagine the excitement when they read just how much Santa knows about them.

All you need to do is fill out the details below (the more information the better the letter) and we will instantly email you a letter from Santa. All you need to do is open the attachment and print using the best quality colour you have available. The graphics are great and worthy of high quality colour. To get the best results, For Present, please put a sentence to proceed the question "What could it be?" For example "A bike?" or "The doll house you love?"


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We got one the other day for our ds - very nice letter arrived in my inbox!
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