Free Personalised T-Shirt (Just pay p&p) @ VistaPrint
Free Personalised T-Shirt (Just pay p&p) @ VistaPrint

Free Personalised T-Shirt (Just pay p&p) @ VistaPrint

Just choose from the options on the page linked. You can even add your own photos to the design so you could make something cool for the family! Just pay p&p.


Everything "Free" that VistaPrint does is crappy quality, and you'll be pestered by mail and email for ages, whether you agree to it or not.

Also heard bad things about them..something about charging you at a later date. Sorry...vague.


I wouldn't order this if they paid me to take it... Their buisiness practices are disgracefulll...

what a shame sounded great deal !

If you upload your own pic. they charge you, I tried and it was £2.84 for uploaded pic plus p&p on top.

I disagree about the comments on spam as I have used them for more than 4 years and don't get any. Also I've had tonnes of free stuff from them and used cashback links to actually earn money - always worked for me.

I have heard the bad press too - just be careful what boxes you tick/don't tick on their site.

Wifey had some 'free' business cards printed , deep in the small print was a 'VP Rewards' credit card promotion which she joined without thinking .... 12 months later she had paid over £100 , just google 'vista print scam'
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I agree. Don't do it. Months after I was gullible enough to take up a similar promotion to this, I noticed I was being charged a 'fee' EVERY month. It took a lot of time and persistence, and the threat of taking them to the small claims court, before I got a refund.

DO NOT DO IT (unless of course you will make regular use of their printing services)!

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i've used these many times for business cards, and never ever have i been charged anything other than the postage fees, i wouldn't of posted it if i didn't think it was a good deal, shame so many people don't like

I use these for all my business stationery and have never had a problem in all the years I've been using them. Once you've paid, they do have a pop-up page that you can sign up, to but unless you actually click it then you wont have any problems. It's not just Vistaprint who use these pop-ups as I've seen them on other websites too - just be careful which buttons you click.

Their products are all very good quality and their photo reproductions on products are excellent. I often use them for christmas and birthday gifts as well as business products ...... mugs, keyrings, t-shirts, pens, post-its, magnets etc etc etc !
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